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Names and owners




1885 Lilly W. Gray
1885 Georgia W. Gray
1894 Georgia S.V. Symondson
1902 Georgia Angfartygs A/B Kattegat
1916 Georgia Lloyd Lundstrom
1919 Lord O.A. Borjesson
1929 Arne N.P. Lundh
1934 Arne T. Lundh
1939 Agu Morgan Wedlin


Agu sailed from the Tyne on 5 December 1939 on a voyage for Gothenburg with a cargo of coal & a crew of 18 & was not heard from again. It was thought that she may have been torpedoed by German submarine (U-31 Johannes Habekost) & sank on 6 December 1939. Master J. Lambert.

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