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Names and owners




1877 Pierremont W. Gray
1898 Pierremont W.C. Gray
1899 Antwerpen Rederi AB Harrington
1909 Antwerpen Rederi AB Hernodia
1912 Ugo A. Costa
1916 Lerida SA Nav Espanola
1919 Ybai-Luze Cia Naviera Ybai
1920 Iturri Luze SA Nav Rontegui
1923 Retuerto SA Nav Rontegui
1924 Retuerto SA Urreiztieta


On a voyage from Aviles for San Esteban de Pravia in ballast with a crew of 18 to load a cargo of coal as she was approaching the entrance to the harbour in a strong gale she struck rocks on 24 January 1927. Rocket failed to reach the vessel. One of two boats launched from the ship overturned drowning two men. Five men tried to swim to shore but also drowned. 15 lives lost.

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