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1890 - 1920 - Hamsteels - The Jubilee Putters

A series of images from the Hamsteels club, which was based on the colliery Village of Quebec; the pit had been sunk in 1868. The Burgoyne-Johnson family who owned the Durham Brewery Company also owned the Colliery (and later added the Westoe Brewery Company to its business). It was John Burgoyne Johnson (1868-1920) who had played for Durham City and Durham County who formed the club which was prominent in the years before the Great War.  The club was famous for its forward play, with the pack gaining the nickname of “The Jubilee Putters” ( a putter moved empty or loaded tubs to and from the coal face!), producing several players who went to play for the County. In addition, John Burgoyne Johnson was County President during the years 1905 – 1907.

The club re-appeared at the end of the Great War but did not revive.


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