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1884 - 1892 - Hartlepool Rangers

 Images of the Rangers Club that played for several years but neither photographs nor records of their exploits seem to have survived. They played at Greenland (Near the Tram Sheds) and though enjoying some success, they folded in 1892 as their Greenland site had been taken over for housing.

In 1886 they won a Challenge Cup at Spennymoor and were presented with a picture of the team but that has not survived? The Cup was put up by Mr Turner from that town and in the first round at Spennymoor Rangers beat Tudhoe whilst Middleton St Johns failed to turn up for the other game also at Tudhoe, so Leamside Grange Rovers walked over. In round 2, also at Spennymoor, Rangers beat the Leamside XV to make it to the Final against Hartlepool Trinity and they beat Trinity on Trinity’s own ground in Hartlepool in front of 3,000 people to lift the Cup!    

They reached the Final of the 1890 Senior Cup losing to Rovers and they won the Second Teams Cup (in 1892).  That year proved fatal for the Club for at the 1892 AGM the club ceased existence with the "shortage of a field" given as the reason and at the Annual Dinner held at the Fleece it was announced that the club would fold as the ground was needed for building sites! The dinner was a formal affair with speeches on aspects of Rugby & Commercial life and then Mr Heppinstall, the Club Captain, was last to his feet to formally announce the end of the club!

Though the Hartlepool Rangers name fades from the records in the 1890s it came back to prominence when a Club also called Hartlepool Rangers was very prominent in Junior Club circles throughout the Edwardian period and achieved Senior Status for a season or so before disappearing in 1912.


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