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1895 - 1907 - England Trial Matches

During this period, five England Trial matches were held in the two towns with the North (of England) playing the South (of England) on the Friarage Field on 3 occasions, and Durham County playing the Rest of England twice. Once on the Friarage and the other occasion on Victoria Ground.

Players taking part in the North v South games, were awarded a “cap” for their appearances, though superceded by the more familiar Probable’s v Possibles, Colours v Whites or England v Rest, etc.,  the North v South games were briefly revived in the Thirties.

A number of images have survived in the Robert Wood Collection from two of the North v South games held on the Friarage Field,in addition, there is also an item from the 1897 North v South Trial which records a little known piece of local Rugby History.


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