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1905 - 1906 - Hartlepool's v New Zealand

Hartlepool featured in the first overseas tours by the South African, New Zealand and Australian sides between 1905 and 1908, and not forgetting the Maori Tourists of 1888 when they played Hartlepool Rovers on the Friarage Field and paved the way for the future All Blacks. 

The year of 1905 is also significant in that interest in Rugby was at its lowest ebb, the arrival of the New Zelanders caused a revivial in interest (as did the advent of the 1907 New Zealand Northern Union side in the 13 - a side game). By coincidence, the year was also marked by the winning of the Amateur Cup by West Hartlepool A F C, an event that was to lead to the introduction of professional Soccer in the Town!

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