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Hartlepool & Durham Commercial Shipping Co.

Details about Hartlepool & Durham Commercial Shipping Co.

Originally formed in 1838 with a capital of £50,171 the Company was also known as the Durham and Hartlepool Commercial Shipping Co., and the Commercial Shipping Co. The trustees and main shareholders were Thomas Rowell (bank agent), Abraham Scotson (grocer)and William Lisle (miller of Middleton). Other shareholders included William George Jackson, Robert Henry Jackson, William Thompson and William Kilvington.

The company was dissolved with their twelve vessels going under the hammer at the Wheat Sheaf Inn in Hartlepool on 15 April 1851.

 Family History of Hartlepool Shareholders:

William George Jackson was born at Yarm on 10th April 1811 to parents Hannah (nee Sollett) and William Jackson. He was married to Mary and had a grocer and druggist business at Hartlepool.

William died aged 78 at Crofter House, Hartlepool on 1st December 1889 leaving effects of £6,027.


Robert Henry Jackson was born at Yarm in 1817 to parents Hannah (nee Sollett) and William Jackson. He married Elizabeth Kilvington in 1840. Robert had a grocer and druggist business at Yarm.

Robert died aged 48 at Yarm on 27 December 1865 leaving effects of under £6,000. He was interred at St. Mary Magdalene Churchyard, Yarm.


William Thompson was born about 1815 at Dyke House, Hartlepool. He became a farmer of 350 acres at Dyke House and married Frances Jane Dobson at Stockton in 1847. The couple had a son and a daughter. On the 1871 census William had retired and was listed as a gentleman with his son taking over the farm. By 1881 the couple had moved to High Street, Yarm. Jane died aged 68 in 1896.

William died at Yarm aged 66 on 19th June 1881 leaving effects of £8,628.


William Kilvington was born in Yarm c1822. He married Charlotte Eleanor Cornforth at Stockton-on-Tees in 1851. By 1861 the couple were living at the Town Wall, Hartlepool with their five children. Charlotte died in 1880. In 1881 William his son, George, and daughter, Elizabeth, were living at No. 6 Thornton Street, West Hartlepool. He was Supt Registrar & Clerk to the Hartlepool Board of Guardians for about 25 years.

William died aged 63 on 16th March 1885 at 5 Catherine Street, Hartlepool leaving effects of £4,847.


Abraham Scotson was born about 1801 at Hartburn, Durham. He became a grocer and, while living at Sheraton Grange, was married to Ann Robinson at Hartlepool on 20th April 1825. In 1851 the couple were living at Southgate Street, Hartlepool with five of their children.

Abraham died at Hartlepool on 19th May 1859 leaving effects of under £3,000.

Newcastle Daily Chronicle – Saturday 21 May 1859.

An inquest was held at Mr. Jacob Taylor’s, Black Bull Inn, Hartlepool, on Friday afternoon, on the body of Abraham Scotson, grocer, who committed suicide by hanging himself the previous day. The reason for deceased going into a desponding state of mind, as appeared from the evidence, was through an accident that occurred to his brother some months ago. Deceased was ill at the time the news came, but he went notwithstanding to visit him, and seeing nothing but death for him, it took such an effect upon him that he never recovered. A few months ago it was thought that he would commit some rash act, but this fear died away, and at the time the act was committed there was nothing observable to excite suspicion as to such a melancholy event. There were no financial matters oppressing his mind. He had retired from business but a few months previously, and was in very good circumstances. The jury came to the conclusion that the act was committed when deceased was labouring under temporary insanity, and gave their verdict accordingly.


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