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Carlton Adventure (Carlton Camp)

Details about Carlton Adventure (Carlton Camp)

In 1929, Ward Jackson headmaster Mr Wilson Clark wanted disadvantaged town children to have a country holiday which would otherwise have been impossible. at first he rented land at Pinchinthorpe in the Cleveland Hills and took boys camping. Gradually others raised money and a field was bought in Carlton in Cleveland and then using money given by the citizens of West Hartlepool, a permanent building was erected in 1935. 

The Log books show that the camp was closed during the Second World War and reopened in 1950. Log books from 1950 on are long and very comprehensive noting all activities, meals served in detail, hymns sung, all schools and teachers named and details of any illnesses and injuries naming children concerned. In addition repairs to the centre, purchases and in some cases altercations with staff members are logged! The difficulties faced in the early 1950s are interesting to read and some are noted in these pages.

Now called Carlton Adventure, it is still permanently leased to Hartlepool Borough Council by the Trustees set up in the 1930s and visiting continues to remain a memorable highlight for Hartlepool schoolchildren today. Although the main building built in 1935 remains as the dining room, the rest of the centre is very much an activity centre of the new millenium and can be seen on the Facebook page and at 




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