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Binns Department store

Details about Binns Department Store

In 1902, the first part of the large department store Gray Peverell was built in Victoria Road taking in the first part  of the block between Swainson Street and Stockton Street where a smart terrace of houses stood. It was gradually extended to take in the whole block. The shop flourished and was bought by the Sunderland businessman H Binns in 1926 as part of his growing empire of department stores in north east towns and in Hull and Grimsby to the south, Edinburgh to the north and Carlisle and Dumfries to the west. Binns had begun his company in 1897 with his shop in Fawcett St Sunderland.

In 1953, although the Binns name remained on the stores, the company was taken over by the House of Fraser. The Middleton Grange Shopping Centre was built around Binns and it formed an integral part of the centre. Sadly however, the much loved and remembered Hartlepool store was closed in June 1992 along with the Sunderland store and a number of others when the House of Fraser decided to concentrate on certain stores only.

Finally, the ground floor of the Grade 2 listed building was opened by Wilkinsons Hardware in 1995.


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