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Chuckles from Greatham

What we know about this image :

Greatham Children on the Post Office Garden Wall around 1930. These children were playing on the village green when a photographer from the Northern Daily Mail asked if they would like their photo taken.

Top to bottom, left to right

Row 1 (on the wall)

  1. Arthur Sidgewick
  2. Ronnie Fothergill
  3. Ted Wilkinson
  4. Arthur Crowe
  5. John Maughan
  6. Ted Snowdon
  7. "Sonny" Sanderson

Row 2 (on the pavement)

  1. Desmond Pout
  2. Sidney Maughan
  3. Eva Thompson
  4. Olga Procter
  5. Louie Maughan
  6. Harold Fothergill
  7. Joe Wilkinson


Date (of image) : 1930

Donor : Mrs. Janice Nicholson

Creator : Northern Daily Mail


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