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1968 - GEC-AEI v Hartlepool Rovers

What we know about this image :

An image of the GEC Apprentices XV in 1968, a win against Rovers on the New Friarage, the AEI was another ad-hoc side works side that feature history of the game hereabouts.

The factory also had a Junior Club side as Sieman's in the early 50s, Mr A A Newstead being the Hon Sec and played in the County Cup competitions before fading away after a few seasons.

Top to bottom, left to right

Row 1

  1. Richard Baggett,
  2. Tony Bond,
  3. Kenny Bestford,
  4. Dave Arundale,
  5. Geoff Cooper,
  6. Tony Walton,
  7. Malcolm Castling

Row 2

  1. Ian Dixon,

  2. Ray Armstrong,

  3. Kevin Egan,

  4. N Davies,

  5. G Brown,

  6. Mick Collins,

  7. Mick Wrigglesworth,

  8. J Blackett.

Date (of image) : 1/9/1968

Donor : Richard Baggett via Kathy Birkbeck.

Creator : Unknown

Part of the "History of Hpl in images FB" collection


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