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1986 - Durham County Presidents

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The Hartlepool area has made a large on-field contribution to Rugby in the County since the 1870s and in addition a large number have contributed to the vital roles of administering off field in areas such as Refereeing, Selection, Coaching, Age Grade Rugby to name a few. A number have held the office of President and this image captures three past Presidents at an event to mark the Presidency of Ray Thoburn of Ryton RFC.

Bill Grigg Hartlepool Old Boys who in his year of office hosted the 1970 South African tourists in the North East, Dave Parker, West Hartlepool but he served as President due to his great service in Coaching at Club, School, County and North Divisional levels, and John Peart, Hartlepool Rovers, who also had the distinction of also playing for Durham County.

Top to bottom, left to right

Row 1

  1. Stuart McLaren Houghton,

  2. Ted Wood Durham University,

  3. Jack Cavanagh Consett,

  4. Charles Trelogan Houghton,

  5. Bob Archer Winlaton Vulcans,

  6. Bill Grigg Hartlepool Old Boys,

  7. Ray Thoburn Ryton,

  8. Robin Auld Sunderland,

  9. Derek Murray Blaydon,

  10. Harry Anderson, Westoe,

  11. Tommy Urwin, North Durham,

  12. Harry Brogden, Referees Society,

  13. Dave Parker, Coaching Society & West Hartlepool,

  14. John Peart, Hartlepool Rovers,

  15. Lyne Mock, Schools Union.

Date (of image) : 1/9/1986

Donor : Charles Thoburn

Creator : Unknown

Part of the "Thoburn Family Album" collection


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