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1963 - Hartlepool Rovers v R. F. Oakes XV

What we know about this image :

Ending the 62/63 season in traditional style, the Rovers and Oakes XV at the New Friarage. The Oakes XV by the match programme is Full Back: B. Marshall,Threequarter Backs: R.J. McCarten, D. Port, M.K. Flynn, R.M. Impett Half Backs:  A. E. Chapman, S. Coughtrie.Forwards:  S. Millar, J.S. Dick, B. Robson, M.A. Walsh, W.J. McBride, D. Boyd, P. Ashworth, P. Gaffney.

The gentleman in the centre is Mr  Hartley B. Elliott,(Durham County President that season who  assembled the Oakes’ team), with the Referee, Harry . Keenan (Durham Ref. Soc.) standing slightly behind him.

Result: Hartlepool Rovers 18pts, R.F. Oakes’ XV 26pts.

The train passing appears to be  a first generation Class 101 Metropolitan-Cammel built diesel multiple unit. Probably two four car units coupled together into an eight car train presumably on a Newcastle - Middlesbrough service (or vice-versa) . These were introduced to replace steam trains around 1957 . the photo illustrates the changes in rail travel, in 1965 we got eight coaches, today, two is the normal.

Top to bottom, left to right

Row 1

  1. S. Hutton,
  2. T.G.A.H. Peart,
  3. I. Brown (Billingham),
  4. K. Winn,
  5. P. Fitzgerald,
  6. J. Thompson,
  7. K.W. Allen,
  8. J.M. Dee,
  9. J. Whittingham,
  10. S. Ainsley (Touch Judge). 

Row 2

  1. H. Fraser,
  2. A. Green,
  3. D. Wrigley,
  4. N. Manuel,
  5. C. Bennison,
  6. E. Athey,
  7. W. Woodward.




Date (of image) : 1963

Donor : R M Impett

Creator : Hartlepool Mail

Part of the "R M Impett" collection


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