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1997 - West Hartlepool Amateurs

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 Formed in 1997 was up for players from the 3rd & 4th teams of West Hartlepool for two main reasons. Firstly “West” who were in National Division 1 at the time, had recently “gone professional”. This led to a fear they would not need the lower teams, who wanted to play social rugby. Secondly fixtures were becoming more difficult to find at this level and with the advent of league rugby many Junior clubs with free Saturdays fell dramatically.

 By forming the “Ams” social rugby was preserved and the club was able to join the Leagues after joining Durham County RFU after being sponsored by West and Rovers!


The new club played out of Brierton La\ne using strips and kit borrowed from West and success came in the first season 97/98, winning every match to become D & N IV Champions.


The following season they were runners up in the Pyman Cup and when West hit financial difficulties and Brierton Lane was sold for housing development Ams relocated, playing their game at 6th FC at Brinkburn and using the Shakespeare put as “home”


Three years later West joined the Ams at the College site and with the opening on a new club the two clubs once again shared the same home. Natural wastage and a drift of players to other clubs saw the club cease playing regularly and the club continues today to be registered but not playing games.






Top to bottom, left to right

Row 1

  1. Don Cameron,
  2. Nick Smith,
  3. John Grey,
  4. John Doyle,
  5. Nick Corrigan,
  6. Paul Mousley,
  7. Stu Anderson,
  8. Clive Wilson
  9. Phil Jukes,
  10. Dennis Hoggart,
  11. Ben Cummins,
  12. Jonathon Cole,
  13. Andy Mason,
  14. Tony Wilson


Row 2

  1. Steve Grey,
  2. Maclolm Suggitt,
  3. Jamie Corrigan,
  4. Gary Broath,
  5. Siumon Tilley,
  6. Andy Powell,
  7. Glen McNeil,
  8. Steve Wilkinson,
  9. Graham Frankland.




Date (of image) : 1/9/1997

Donor : West Hartlepool Amateurs RFC

Creator : Unknown

Part of the "West Hartlepool Amateurs RFC" collection


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