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Shepherd - a general history

Shepherd 1838-1860

Sunderland: Official No. 23762: wood brig; 187t.

Owners: 1840 Hartlepool; by 1852 George & Matthew Wilkinson & Co (Hartlepool) Sunderland.

Masters: 1841-52 Shepherd (d. 14 September 1852 aboard ship at sea); 1857-61 Biddlecomb.

Insured with the local Mutual Marine.

Voyages: 19 November 1857 from Hartlepool she suffered damage in a collision with the Norwegian schooner Maria off Harwich; June 1858 picked up the only survivor, Ross aged 19, from a capsized Filey fishing coble about five miles off Flamborough Head. The other two men aboard the coble had drowned.

Shepherd left Hartlepool with a cargo of coal but due to a heavy sea she returned & struck on Middleton Sand near to the jetty on 23 December 1860. She was driven further up the beach by the heavy seas, overturning & becoming a total wreck.

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