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Partisan - a general history

Partisan 1827-1850

Luke Crown, Monkwearmouth, Sunderland: one deck with beams; two masts; square rigged; square stern; carvel built wood brig; 224g; 81.5 x 22.4 x 15.0.

Owners: March 1828 Henry Mitcalfe, North Shields; July 1828 William Mitcalfe (London) Henry Mitcalfe, William Taylor (carver & gilder) & John Dale, North Shields; August 1838 Martin Morris, North Shields; February 1846 Thomas Wilkinson, Hartlepool.

Masters: March 1828 George Ritchie junior; April 1828 William Taylor; September 1829-33 Harrop Pringle; April 1833 Peter Dale; 1834-37 George Crain; 1838 Martin Morris; 1839 William Brack; 1843-46 Joseph Thompson; March 1846 John Minto; October 1848 Richard Alderson; February 1849-1850 Isaac French.

Partisan was stove in by ice & foundered in the Gulf of Finland about twelve miles ESE of Hogland on 15 May 1850. Crew were taken off by the Dalston.  Loss recorded by letter from Isaac French, master, to Hartlepool Customs House.

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