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Idalia - a general history

Idalia 1848-1866

Yarmouth, Norfolk: Official No. 10778: Code Letters KPVL: one deck; two masts; wood brig sheathed in yellow metal; 280g; 93.3 x 21.1 x 16.4; large repairs 1858; repairs to damage 1861.

Owners: 1848 H Jay, Yarmouth; 1863 George & Matthew Wilkinson, Hartlepool.

Masters: 1849 Keith; 1850 Candler; 1851-57 J Newby; 1858-60 J Ward; 1864-66 G Gibson.

Voyages: 1854 Hartlepool for the Mediterranean.

In 1861 Idalia was stranded. The Board of Trade enquiry found the master guilty of insobriety & incapable of performing his duties so cancelled his certificate.

On a voyage from Dantzic for London with a cargo of timber Idalia was wrecked at Bodenwinkel, Poland during a severe gale on 11 December 1866. Most of the cargo was landed in January 1867.

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