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Cruiser - a general history

Cruiser 1841-1868

Sunderland: Official No. 5130: Code Letters JGKW: one deck; two & trysail masts; square rigged; square stern; carvel built wood brig; fastened with iron bolts; 219g; 85.0 x 23.0 x 15.0.

Owners: 1841 Thomas Wilkinson, Sunderland; 1848 Thomas Wilkinson, Hartlepool; 1854 Thomas Wilkinson, Robert Fawcus, James Stephenson, Hartlepool & William Ramsey, West Hartlepool; 1860 George & Matthew Wilkinson, Hartlepool.

Masters: 1841-45 Doughty; 1845 Richard Errington (b. 1833 Nortumberland C.N. 10746 Newcastle-on-Tyne 1856); November 1847 William Bowles Dawes; June 1848 Doughty; 1848-55 Thomas Boyling (C.N. 11540 Shields 1855); April 1855 Samuel Ambrose (C.N. 8394 London 1853); 1865 Williamson; 1867 Garbutt; 1867 Shaw.

Voyages: 1841-46 Sunderland for London; 1847-48 Hartlepool for Hull; 17 April 1866 anchored at Deal; 3 December 1867 On a voyage from Hartlepool for London with a crew of six, during a heavy gale, she became distressed close to the Goodwin Sands. She sent out signals which were answered by the Bradford lifeboat & a steam tug. The crew were saved by the lifeboat & with difficulty the vessel was eventually towed into Ramsgate Harbour.

Bound for Pillau Cruiser foundered off Mandal on or about 14 March 1868.  Crew & part of the rigging was saved. The vessel was insured.

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