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Chieftan - a general history

Chieftan 1851-1862

Hodgson & Gardner, Hylton, Sunderland: Official No. 12892: Code Letters LDRK: one deck; two masts; square stern; carvel built wood snow; felt & sheathed with zinc; 384g; 87.1 x 23.7 x 13.0; male figurehead; some repairs 1860.

Owners: June 1851 Thomas Wilkinson, Hartlepool; 1853 George & Matthew Wilkinson, Hartlepool.

Masters: 1851 David Stormont; March 1852 John Newman; September 1853-56 James Burch; 1857 Bell; 1860-61 O Scott; 1862 Jewson.

Voyages: On a voyage from Hartlepool for London on 1 February 1857 Chieftan was in collision off Flamborough Head with the Shields brig Alexander. Both received damage; 1862 Hartlepool for the Baltic.

On a voyage from Cronstadt for London with a cargo of hemp Chieftan stranded off Bragen Reef & was totally wrecked on 7 November 1862. Part of the cargo & stores were saved. No lives lost.

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