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Canopus - a general history

Canopus 1851-1871

Sunderland: Official No. 23233: Code Letters NQST: wood barque felt sheathed in yellow metal; 331g; 100.5 x 26.5 x 16.5; female bust figurehead-removed by 1863; repairs to damage 1855; part new keelson & some repairs 1861.

Owners: 1851 Laroche & Co, London; 1857 Cooper & Co, London; 1860 G Lawrence, Hull; 1863 George & Matthew Wilkinson, Hartlepool; 1870 Matthew Storm (Robin Hood’s Bay) & William Bedlington, Hartlepool.

Masters: 1853-57 J Crosby; 1858-59 JC Wright; 1861-63 Lawrence; 1865 C Clare; 1866-69 Lawrence; 1870-71 C Jenkins.

Voyages: April 1865 Hartlepool for Swinemunde.

On a voyage from Memel for London with a cargo of deals & a crew of nine she sprang a leak & capsized on 2 December 1870. After cutting away her sails the vessel righted & the crew stayed on deck on the side of the ship. One man drowned & the master & one crewman died from exposure. After about 24 hours they were picked up by a Norwegian schooner, Tarandus, & taken to Copenhagen where they were hospitalized suffering from hunger & exposure.  On 8 December 1870 the derelict & waterlogged Canopus was towed into Dantzic by the steamer Lumsden. The bodies of two of the dead were on board. Canopus was condemned & sold as a wreck at Dantzic in April 1871.

Captain Aarvig of the Tarandus was later awarded a telescope for the rescue.

Crew December 1870;

Dryden, Henry, mate, Hartlepool

Lives lost December 1870;

Jenkins, C, master, Robin Hood’s Bay

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