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Britannia - a general history

Britannia 1825-1862

St Johns, New Brunswick: Official No. 16186: Code Letters LWKB: one deck; two masts; square rigged; square stern; black birch, hackmetack & pine carvel built wood brig; 252g; 93.0 x 24.10 x 16.6; female bust figurehead.

Owners: 1825 Bowman; 1830 Ward & Co; 1833 Harrison & Co, London; 1836 Mustart & Co, London; 1847 Harrison & Co, London; by 1852 Robert Hall, Thomas Twidle Drysdale, Miles Mason (butcher) & James Brown (master mariner) Hartlepool; May 1853 George & Matthew Wilkinson & John Duncan (master mariner) Hartlepool; 1854-62 George & Matthew Wilkinson, Hartlepool.

Masters: 1827-30 A McGill; 1830-32 C Begley; 1833-35 J Harrison; 1835 J Holliday; 1836-37 Mustart; 1838-41 Hepplewhite; 1842-45 McArthur; 1845 Harrison; 1846 R Morton; 1847 McArthur; 1853 James Brown; 1853 John Duncan; 1854 John Wilkinson; November 1854 Andrew Brown; March 1855-61 William Pick; 1862 Musgrove/Musgrave.

Voyages: 1827 Falmouth for St Johns; 1835-1847 London for Quebec.On a voyage from Wyborg for Montrose he had left two of the crew ashore illegally. He ignored a summons at Elsinore to answer the charge so was reported to the Board of Trade which carried out a full investigation. It was found that the Britannia was, at least once, ashore in the Baltic through Peck being drunk. After all facts were proven his master’s certificate was cancelled.

On a voyage from Hartlepool for Cronstadt with a cargo of coal Britannia ran aground at Thisted, Denmark & was wrecked on 12 September 1862.  The crew of seven were rescued with rocket apparatus. She was insured with two companies for £1000 & £400, the cargo was also insured.

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