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Brilliant - a general history

Brilliant 1849-?

W.J. Pile, Sunderland: Official No. 22915: Code Letters NPKQ: one deck; two masts; square rigged; square stern; carvel built wood snow; 215g; 87.1 x 22.7 x 14.5; female bust figurehead; some repairs 1858.

Owners: 1849 Thomas, Matthew (druggist) & George (surgeon) Wilkinson, Hartlepool; 1869-75 Richard Boag & George Walton, Hartlepool.

Masters: January 1849-51 Thomas Boyling; June 1851-54 John Wilkinson; April 1854 William Bowles Dawes; 1856-57 J Wilkinson; 1858-60 S Chapman; 1865 T Harley; 1866 Dixon; 1866-70 Boyes; 1870-75 George Walton.

February 1872 insured with the Hartlepool Mutual Marine Insurance Association for £600-value £700.

Voyages: 1849-50 Hartlepool for the Baltic; 1854 Hartlepool for the Mediterranean; June 1870 went ashore on Salfwo Reef but after six hours got off; 19 May 1875 left Kiel for Riga; September 1875 from Hamburg for Hartlepool anchored in Bridlington bay.

Not on the British Register as Brilliant by 1876.

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