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Hotspur - a general history

Hotspur 1839-1858

Built at Sunderland: Official No. 14655: Code Letters LPBW: one deck; two masts; square rigged; square stern; carvel built wood snow sheathed in yellow metal; 287g; 89.9 x 23.7 x 16.4; male bust figurehead; some repairs 1846 & 1849 sheathed in yellow metal 1846; repairs to damage 1846; repairs to damage 1851 &1855.

Owners: James Pidder, FW Kirklum, Lancaster; 1842 Robert Elstob Hutton, William & John Watson & William Wilson (died 1851) Hartlepool; 1851 Robert Elstob Hutton, William Lisle (Hartlepool) Eli Kay & Bostock Toller Whinney (South Shields) Hartlepool; May 1852 Robert Elstob Hutton, William Lisle & Bostock Toller Whinney, Hartlepool; February 1855 Robert Elstob Hutton & William Lisle, Hartlepool.

Masters: 1847-58 Henry Purcell/Parsell.

17 June 1850 while lying at Archangel the mate, three seamen & a boy were in a small boat putting out the stream anchor. The boat capsized & the three seamen were drowned before help arrived; 26 October 1854 Henry Parsell, master, was at Bridgewater Court; 18 March 1855 the stern of a boat marked Hotspur came ashore at Kilnsea; put into Grimsby on 23 March 1855 with serious damage after having been struck by a heavy sea.

On a voyage from Hartlepool for Hamburg Hotspurfoundered at sea in March 1858.   

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