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Sea Nymph - a general history

Official No. 24226: Code Letters NVWB

Owners: 1847 Austin, Mills & Co. Sunderland; 1851 J. Peake, Prince Edward Island; 1853 Henry Whattley Wood, Liverpool; 1855 Schillizzi, Liverpool; by 1860 William Gray & Henry Taylor, Hartlepool; December 1861 William Gray, Henry Taylor & Grace Yeaman, Hartlepool; 1862 William Gray, Grace Yeaman & Jens Christian Nielsen, Hartlepool; 1864 Isaac Bedlington, West Hartlepool.

Masters: 1847-50 Walker; 1851-54 Groundwater; 1854 James W Tracy; 1855-56 Albeury; 1857 W Harris; 1858-60 J Daniel; 1861-70 D Chaplin; 1864 James Webster; 1864 H Mcbeath.

Voyages: 1850 Sunderland for the Baltic; bound from the Baltic for the UK she put in at Elsinore July 1875 an apprentice from London, Alfred Walter Boland, fell overboard near Wyborg & was drowned; 21 October 1875 with loss of her anchor.

Sea Nymph left West Hartlepool on the morning of 21 February 1880 for Rotterdam with a cargo of coal & a total crew of nine. She was wrecked at Debol Sands, Zedrickzsa on 24 February 1880. Part of the cargo was saved. No were lives lost. The mate, Stainthorpe, was in charge of the ship while the Master was sleeping. The mate’s certificate was suspended for three months.

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