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1875 - 1883 - Hartlepool Football Club

Images of the first known Rugby club in the 'Pools. The club was eventually dissolved in 1883 to join with Hartlepool Rovers to create a stronger Rugby club base in Hartlepool.

An early game for the Hartlepool Club was against United Sunderland on Feby 19th 1876 on the Friarage Field, with 14 men, they beat the Wearsiders 11 men by 4 tries, 1 poster 6 touchdowns to 1 rouge. The Hartlepool X1V was P Chamberlain (Captain), Alfred Belk, E Bell, Thomas Wearmouth, J Wilson, William & Arthur Hill, Bulmer, Sidney Wishart, Irvine, Otto & Henry Trechmann, W Gray & Henry Smurthwaite. The same year, Sunderland opened their new season and got their revenge on 31st October 1876 by trouncing Hartlepool by 3 goals, 3 tries, 1 rouge to two rouges. This was the score at 5.10 p.m. and “as it was now dark”, they stopped play! 


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