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1902 - 1911 - Inter County Club Championship

 A glimpse of the Inter County League structure that was introduced in 1901/02 season, though clubs in our area had been pressing the RFU for permission to run a “League” Competition since 1890.  Leagues had been part of the Yorkshire & Lancashire Unions since 1892 and Durham and Northumberland eventually went ahead with their own Club Championship, feeling the RFU had become “fossilized” in its attitude to Leagues. The word “League” was used as a sort of shorthand by the Clubs, the organizers and RFU were at pains to ensure that the word was not used officially, as it was perceived to smack of “professionalism”, hence "Inter-County Club Championship"

 Though initially successful in producing punctuality, enthusiasm and larger gates, clubs and players eventually lost their enthusiasm for the Competition (which was dominated by West initially and then Rovers predominately), several of the major clubs pulled out and the Inter-County structure was abandoned in 1910/11, although the Newcastle Journal continued to publish a Durham only League which was a feature until the outbreak of the Great War.

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