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1884 - 1892 - Hartlepool Rangers

 Images of the Rangers Club that played for several years but neither photographs nor records of their exploits appear to have survived. Interviewed by the “Mail” in 1938, Mr. Henry Kaiser (of 60 Montague St) recalled he was a founder member, playing centre when a Rugby team used only 3 threequarters, before the four 3 three quarter system evolved. They were formed around 1883/4 just after the amalgamation of Rovers and Hartlepool, and played initially on a field where Montague Street now stands. Shortly after, they were at Hart Warren, on land later acquired for housing, (Near the Tram Depot) and though enjoying some success,including a player in the County XV, they folded in 1892 as their Hart Warren site had been taken over for housing.

They reached the Final of the 1890 Senior Cup losing to Rovers and then won the Second Teams Cup (in 1892).  That year proved fatal for the Club for at the 1892 AGM the club ceased existence with the "shortage of a field" given as the reason and at the Annual Dinner held at the Fleece it was announced that the club would fold as the ground was needed for building sites! The dinner was a formal affair with speeches on aspects of Rugby & Commercial life and then Mr. Heppinstall, the Club Captain, was last to his feet to formally announce the end of the club.

Though the Hartlepool Rangers name fades from the records in the 1890s, an age grade club played under the Rangers name later in the decade, it came back to prominence when a Club also called Hartlepool Rangers was very prominent in Junior Club circles throughout the Edwardian period and achieved Senior Status for a season or so before disappearing in 1912.




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