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1912 - 1918 - Hartlepool Saracens

A look into the short life of the Saracens RFC. Formed in 1912, the club initially played in the Ex-Schoolboys League which was also formed around 1912 and aimed at getting School leavers to continue to play Rugby and keep away from street corners and smoking cigarettes! The age limit was decided in late 1913 to be 18 years of age on or before 31 December. Around 10 clubs played in the league, with names such as Trojans, Croft Albion, White Star Athletic, GFSOB, Boys Brigade and Seamen’s Inst all taking part.

Research shows that several of the player’s names and initials listed for Saracens, also appear in Cricket X1s or in Chapel Events organised by Brougham Street Primitive Methodists. Further, the League Sec for the Hartlepool Ex-Schoolboys League Mr R Woodward is another name involved with Brougham Street PMs.

The League ceased on the outbreak of the War and Saracens became part of the Wartime Club scene with games again Durham Garrison artillery, 3rd Yorkshires, Celtic, Crusaders, Welch Regt., and Old Boys. The name disappears from the record in 1918.

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